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Retro Bar Stools

Choose from our selection of chrome retro bar stools, NFL & MLB logo bar stools and custom chrome retro bar stools with your design or logo.

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Chrome Retro Bar Stools

Our chrome retro bar stools are perfect for kitchens, bars, garages, rec rooms or anywhere you need cool retro style bar stools!

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NFL Logo Bar Stools

All our NFL Logo Bar Stools are 100% American Made with chrome Plated Steel, an 8" thick cushion and are 30" high. These bar stools would make ideal seating for any sports bar or restaurant, or your home.

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Custom Logo Bar Stools

LogoSeating is a powerful way to promote your corporate image. With over 50 varieties, only American Chairs offers such a broad range of commercial quality logo bar stools and chairs for your business.

If a piece of furniture comes to mind when we think of a bar, restaurant, or terrace, it is undoubtedly the bar stool. It is possibly one of the longest-lived and most practical pieces of furniture in existence. And no wonder, given the countless advantages they provide.

At American Chairs, one of our main products of specialization and sales is bar stools. With a variety of more than 50 designs, we can assure you that you will find the ideal chair for your tastes and needs on our website.

Where should you place a stool? There are many possibilities - at the bar, at high tables, or on the terrace for more visibility. So much has evolved from the stools of yesteryear that were more uncomfortable and only provided a quick and short seat to those who occupied them.

There are many reasons why stools can be added to your living room, bar, kitchen, restaurant or any space you need. At American Chairs, we want your decor to be the way you want it to be. So, to give you another perspective on this amazing piece of furniture, we share with you a list of 13 advantages of including the bar stool in your decor.

The contemporary stools offered by American Chairs are comfortable, practical, and very useful for any home or business. Comfort and design are two attributes that should never be missing in your restaurant, bar, or terrace, and we tell you why:
  • Comfort
    Our new generation of seats is an ode to comfort. They are not like the bar stools we have seen in the past.

  • Space-saving
    One of the significant advantages of this type of furniture is its practicality. They are perfect for small houses or apartments, as they take up little space and are easy to store. In addition, they can adapt very well to kitchen equipment or a living room table because you can place several stools and keep them in a closet or under the table.

  • Height
    There are stools of different heights; high seats allow access to a table or bar. The most modern and industrial interior designs are more inclined to this type of stools, generating a more modern and urban city atmosphere.

  • Versatility
    Although the stool is a seat, it can also have other uses in the home, from a side table to a nightstand, magazine rack, or any other function you can imagine. Its versatility has no limits, nor does it favor a particular room, as it can decorate a terrace, bedroom, or living room. It can also serve as a seat in a dressing room or bathroom.

  • Commercial or contract spaces
    Bar stools are a type of seat that stands out in the decoration of contract spaces. Its exceptional design and usefulness for accessing high tables or bars make it an essential piece of furniture for the interior design of a bar, cafeteria, or restaurant. The hospitality industry is also amazed by this piece of furniture, thanks to its practicality, and functionality.

  • Variety of models
    On our website, you will find different stools that combine perfectly with the rest of your furniture. Both in shape and available colors, they are stools designed for all types of premises.

  • Making the most of space
    Thanks to the stools, you can take advantage of any space to have even more customers. Our bar stools can fit in corners, at the bar, at tables next to the windows in order to take advantage of every square meter and to multiply the capacity of your premises.

  • Easy to maintain
    The bar stools are easy to maintain in terms of cleaning; you do not need specific products for this.. All you need is a damp cloth, and the stool is as good as new.

  • Easy to use
    These stools are agile, easy to use, and easy to move from one place to another, not only for the customer but also when tidying up your space after a day's work.

  • Ideal for terraces
    Sometimes the stool is only used for a specific moment, to rest a little and continue chatting or dancing with friends. The seat is ideal for terraces, pubs, and discos to offer momentary relief to your customers.

  • Adaptable to both bars and high tables
    High tables are typically used for breakfasts, lunches, or quick dinners in the kitchen. This type of table and American counters often have different heights. Still, this is not a problem with adjustable stools: in all cases, the seat can be placed in the ideal position, allowing the legs to move comfortably.

  • Suitable for the whole family
    Adults can find their ideal posture concerning the footrests, with the legs more or less bent according to taste. On the other hand, it avoids buying specific stools for the youngest members of the household, which are often expensive and cumbersome. In this case, the regulator of the central bar raises the children to a height that puts them on a par with the adults and allows them to use the table or bar under the same conditions.

    They facilitate movement in any space since the seats can be swiveled. This advantage is appreciated both when sitting down and when getting up, which can be done without removing or moving the entire stool. They are better tucked away after use, which is especially appreciated in small kitchens. While traditional stools take up a lot of space in the room with their four legs, adjustable seats are more discreet and less invasive because they are structured on a single central bar.

  • They are more modern.
    The structure of the adjustable stools, fits very well in urban and avant-garde kitchens. In addition, their seat, whether padded or not, can be made in any colors, making them an excellent match for even the most personal kitchens.