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Retro Chairs

All of our retro chairs have a steel frame with a shiny chrome plated finish and are available in a variety of colors and options. These retro chairs are sure to last you a long time - just like the ones made in the 1940's and 1950's!

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Diner Chairs

All of our retro diner chairs have a steel frame with a shiny chrome plated finish and are available in a variety of colors and options.

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The Coca-Cola Collection

Officially licensed Coca-ColaŽ chairs, stools, booths and tables.

Do you know how the term "diner chair" was born?

You've probably heard of diner chairs and diner furniture (yes, with one n) instead of dining furniture. These are two distinct terminologies that find their origin in the different styles and uses given to each furniture type. When we talk about dining chairs, we automatically think of any variety and chairs that can match classic furniture set in the dining room of a house or a restaurant. But diner chairs evoke a specific era and style, different from the described scenario.

The term "diner" applied to furniture refers to the style of the 1950s, a decade in which the chrome plating technique was very present on chairs, tables, and stools, which typically had their seats and backrests made of leather painted white, blue, or red. Thus, little by little, the term "diner" was used to refer to certain types of restaurants in which this decoration was typically found on the furniture. Originally, this type of restaurant was found on Route 66 in the United States. Still, later, the style of decoration was extended to informal restaurants and lunchrooms throughout the country. Today, the term "diner" is used for casual restaurants with these types of furnishings or cafeterias reminiscent of 1950s New York. New retro style furniture pieces and designs are produced and adapted to the antique and classic look that characterizes this type of decoration.

Why choose retro restaurant chairs?
This type of furniture for hospitality is a great option. There are three main advantages of incorporating retro vintage style chairs in your business.
  1. You will bring personality and character to any room.
    The chairs, thanks to their original vintage look, evokes past times and will transport you with a trip back in time. For this reason, they will not go unnoticed and will be very eye-catching for your customers, who will be attracted by their design. Undoubtedly, retro chairs interest decorators, who will be confident that this type of furniture guarantees a successful design.

  2. You will be able to style them with various styles and decorative elements.
    They fit very well with many different types of decoration and styles. They have great versatility, and when you combine contemporary current elements with retro and vintage furniture, the result is fashionable.

    Incorporating colorful details or leather tones with lighter shades such as white is an excellent idea. Undoubtedly, choosing these retro chairs will bring that unique touch that will stand out above neutral elements on walls or floors. They will also help you to find visual balance.

  3. You will have comfortable and ergonomic chairs for your customers.
    This type of hospitality seating, specifically upholstered chairs made with faux leather or fabric, which translates into great comfort. Comfort is necessary, so that our customers feel at home.
In short, there are more than enough reasons to justify the purchase of this type of furniture for bars and restaurants. Choosing retro chairs, tables, and stools for your space will add extra design, comfort, and other critical aspects to furnishing your hospitality business. So please take a look at our store, and we are sure we have what you are looking for.

Recently, there has been a notable increase in those who design their homes with a marked vintage style. They do so because it, like every other decorative look, brings with it many advantages, which are worth considering.

One significant advantage is that it allows the reuse of furniture and decorative elements of past decades, thus giving a new life to those mentioned above. This means that they are no longer stored and gathering dust in attics, basements, or storage rooms. It also allows you to personalize your home. But, of course, you can decorate using antique and unique elements, not products created in large-scale decoration industries.

Vintage style brings with it one of the most creative styles that exist. Each person can let their originality and creative ability flow to shape their home in an absolutely amazing, unique way, to show their personality.